Free Xbox Live Codes Unused List

I guess you must be looking for free Xbox live codes 2021 here right? Don’t worry you are in the right place. Here is the list of free Xbox live gift card codes list 2021.

This gift card generator includes almost all well-known brands like Xbox, PSN, Roblox, Google Play, Netflix, Amazon, etc…It’s the first time Microsoft attempted to build a gadget for the gaming console in the market. Xbox is the first gaming console that is created by Microsoft.

Xbox is probably the most reputed and well established and successful gaming brand in the world. Microsoft is the owner of Xbox. Three consoles had been released to date. These are the 6th, 7th, and 8th generation along with some subdivisions.

Xbox console was initially launched in 2001, in America with its original Xbox console. It came along with the gaming software or applications and streaming services.

Since its launch, it goes very popular. So, Microsoft plans to launch more different types of Xbox gaming console by upgrading it by generation like Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Since Xbox supports Xbox live code generator along with Xbox game studios, free Xbox Live card codes can be generated.

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This gift card generator includes almost all well-known brands like Xbox, PSN, Roblox, Google Play, Netflix, Amazon, etc. It’s for the very first time that Microsoft attempted to build a gadget for gaming consoles in the market. Xbox is the first gaming console, which is created by Microsoft.

 Free Unused Xbox Live Codes 2021 

So, if you paid money and get a Gold Membership of Xbox you can get more benefits than normal Xbox users. This makes the live codes so important. Such benefits include,

 Chatting option: 

Chat with another Xbox player while playing online.

 Cloud space: 

You will get more cloud space and can compete with other players. 

 Availability of free games: 

Get some free games with such membership.

 Demos of upcoming and yet to be launched games: 

The members can access or play new games or upcoming games demo online.

Well, you have now come across the innumerable benefits of live codes. So, it’s time to reap the benefits of Xbox live codes through the Xbox live code generator. It will make your gaming experience brilliant.

So, if you pay Xbox for a gold membership then you will get access to all the above fantastic features. The gold membership in Xbox requires a certain price to pay in different countries.

If you didn’t afford to pay the money to Xbox for the gold membership and search for the catch which gives you free gold membership in Xbox! You are at the right place.

 Here are some of the ways to get Xbox live codes 

Selective use of a legit Xbox live code generator.

Reddit also provides free Xbox live codes, but it is a matter of chance to get free codes.

Xbox account can be generated to enjoy services free of cost. But it is subjected to time guidelines.

It requires the user to make a new account to get a free monthly trial.

For this just sign up for a Microsoft account and log into the subscriptions page.

Then, choose the required free trial option and click next.

 Follow the complete process precisely to complete sign-up to get a subscription and free trial.

Certain things must be considered for this:

Xbox Live gold membership can only be obtained on trial with one Gamertag only.

There are limited trial accounts by Microsoft (up to 3). After the use of all trial account, a message is popped to register for Xbox live gold membership, which is a paid trial account.

Enter your location correctly during sign up.

Once the trial is over make sure to unsubscribe otherwise, there are chances that Microsoft will charge from your account. So, be careful there.

So, for the long term, you need a live code generator although there are legit ways to get free Xbox codes online. Many websites claim to offer free Xbox live codes and free Xbox gift cards but all efforts go in vain when the user found out that this is nothing but a scam.

So, head towards the legitimized site with a perfect code generator to get codes and gift card codes. Here, we can guide you to get all that you need. But first, we need to understand some terms.

 What are Xbox Live codes or gift cards? 

So basically Xbox live code or Xbox gift cards are 25 characters long that includes letters and numbers. This is a unique code and, every card has different codes and, these Xbox live codes make Xbox purchases and at the same time it is able to extend your Microsoft subscription.

If you bought a physical gift card from Xbox then this code is printed on that physical card and also you can have access to evaluate that how much money is there in it.

Once, you got the Xbox Live codes or Xbox gift card code then you can purchase anything you want or buy anything you like in the Microsoft store. For instance, it can be a new Xbox game or movie application for any Microsoft device and a lot more beyond expectations.

Once, you purchase any Xbox gift card you can redeem it whenever you want since there is no expiry date mentioned on it. So, it is advised not to rush to redeem your Xbox gift card instantly and unnecessarily.

The only thing, which you need to understand, is this, the gift card will only allow for online purchases in the Microsoft store not in the local or city store of Microsoft.

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 How to redeem Xbox gift card codes 2021? 

You can easily redeem Xbox gift card codes in your console or online.

 Step 1] 

Go to on your browser.

 Step 2] 

Log into your Microsoft account or sign to your Microsoft account using Microsoft account credentials.

 Step 3] 

Enter the free Xbox Live code that you got on our side using our Xbox Live code generator.

 Step 4] 

Once your Xbox live code is verified, Microsoft will automatically add the gift card balance to your account.

 How to Turn On the Xbox Live Codea? 

Here is a step to step guide to turn on the free Xbox live codes without any offers and surveys.

 Step 1] 

Go to the home screen of the Xbox console. Then scroll to store.

 Step 2] 

Go to categories. A list of different options will open up. Browse and select the game’s option.

 Step 3] 

Select the use of the code option or select the “use the code” option.

 Step 4] 

In the case of the QR code, you can simply scan the code.

Re-enter the complete 25-digit code correctly into the tab.

 The Process of Redeeming Xbox One Card Codes 

 Step 1] 

Open the browser, then go to redeem code.

 Step 2] 

Sign in using a Microsoft account

 Step 3] 

Click on the redeem button, it will open the tab and enter the 25-digit code there.

In this way, you can use the Xbox code and gift card generator for free codes without undergoing any surveys. To reap the best results you must follow the steps carefully and enjoy the undeniable gaming experience. Enjoy Xbox live gold codes and redeem them whenever required

In the final advice, we only suggest stopping yourself from an unnecessary search when you can access the specific site for all that you require. Stop fooling yourself around other websites that claim to give free codes as these are nothing but a trick to allure and scam fake generator websites.

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