What Is Skype and What Is It for?

Alternatives to Skype VoIP Services

Skype is a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service that allows you to make voice and video calls over the internet with your friends and family free of cost. Skype has made the communication between two people quite efficient and cheap.

It is due to its VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) service that communication is now much easier.

In earlier times, people used to communicate with different people using their telephones or cell phones, which used to cost them a lot of money, especially when the call is made internationally.

People used to be aware of their duration of calling while talking to the other person so that they don’t run out of their minutes or calling balance.

Thus, Skype made it possible to communicate with others using VoIP over the internet. This feature has made so many people capable of contacting their friends and family without worrying about anything. Thus, Skype is a very popular VoIP service.

If two people are communicating over Skype on PC then they do not have to pay anything else than the monthly internet fee that they usually pay if they don’t even use Skype. Hence, making the communication free of cost.


In 2003, Skype was created at the time when the VoIP service was still in its early stage. Since then it has evolved a lot and has grown better. It was a pioneer of its time. Later it was acquired by Microsoft in 2011.

Though, today Skype is not as popular as it used to be because of some other successful applications that provide better communication.

 Features of Skype 

Skype has a lot of features, which makes it a good communication platform. Following are the features of Skype

 Skype to Skype free calling 

Skype allows you to make calls from one Skype user to the other Skype user free of cost.

 Free calling for first month 

It provides you the facility of calling anyone for free for the first month whether it’s a Skype user or a person on landline or phone.

 Low calling rates for landline or mobile phone 

At the end of the first free month, it provides low calling rates for landlines and mobile phones.

 Video calling 

Skype also enables you to make video calls with other people. You can do video calls with an individual or a group of friends.


Along with the feature of making voice and video calls, it also provides facility of messaging your friends and family. It allows both individual texting and group texting. You can also send voice and video messages.


It also provides you the feature of voicemail.

 File sharing 

Skype is also capable of sharing files with other people. You can send and receive important files via Skype.

 The Skype App 

Skype is not only available on a PC but it is also available on your smartphone in the form of an application.

You can download the Skype app from Play Store on your android device and for iOS devices, you can find the Skype app on the App Store. The Skype app allows you to do all the things that you do from your pc.

You can send messages, emoji’s, voicemails, make video and voice calls using the Skype app.

The Skype app has a lot of innovative features like Skype translate which allows you to translate the language while you are talking with the person, this way people can understand each other in real-time.

 Plans Offered In Skype 

Skype offers free communication when two or more people are communicating using Skype.

Whereas, when the communication is non-Skype then the calls are paid at low VoIP rates. The calling rates offered by Skype are very cheap.

It provides good quality communication with one another. It has various premium plans as per the requirement of the individual.

Therefore, Skype is one of the most influential and powerful communication tool used by many people around the world. It is an amazing platform that offers good quality communication over the internet at a very cost-effective rate.

Thus, allowing more and more people to be in touch with each other.