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JCB stands for Japan Credit Bureau. Its a credit card company founded in 1961. First JCB established around Japan credit card market. Then after it purchased Osaka Credit Bureau in 1968 and then JCB cards are issued in 20 different countries.

It also offers services of travellers in Europe, Asia and North America.

Original source: JCB Co., Ltd.

Valid JCB Credit Card Generator… JCB Credit Card generator developed specially for the e-commerce web developer. Mainly working with so many credit card data testing purpose. Also trying to deploy or test their various payment gateway methods.

As we know while developing e-commerce websites developer need to test their credit card value either valid or not. It needs from beginner stage of developing web sites where it ended on testing of checkout payment.

On such situations, developer need the data for testing credit card details. Now the developer can generate valid credit card details in here and test for his work.

We have various card options like MasterCard, American Express Amex, JCB, Discover, Voyager, Union Pay, and so many other cards including debit cards too. These all card have valid credit card number structure along with complete details including Name Address CVV CVV2 etc.

All credit card generated details made by the Luhn Algorithm and it completely fake.

 Credit Card Generator Tool Features By KeyCardGen 

  • Generated Credit Card Number and details are checked by Luhn Algorithm
  • Added Major Industry Identifier so that its 100% valid details
  • Can try bulk generator if you need more card in less click or time
  • 100% safe to use for data testing purposes
  • No need to pay real money on generating fake credit card details in here
  • 3 digit CVV security code also can be generated
  • Generate various credit card details with name address Expiration date and CVV and CVV2

Get completely validated credit card details. Also can check credit card details using credit card Validator by KeyCardGen

 How Does Credit Card Generator Work For You? 

A valid credit card numbers have various fields and each of them has various values or meaning and purposes. The numbers comply to the ISO 7812 numbering standard.

A valid credit card number constitutes of the six-digit issuer identification number (IIN), single digit checksum, an individual account identification number.

The first digit of your credit card number is also the major industry identifier or (MII). Which you can simply refer to the table below.

Original source: Payment card number

MII Digit Category
0 ISO/TC 68 and other industry assignments
1 Airlines
2 Airlines, financial and other future industry assignments
3 Travel and entertainment
4 Banking and financial
5 Banking and financial
6 Merchandising and banking/financial
7 Petroleum and other future industry assignments
8 Healthcare, telecommunications, and other future industry assignments
9 For assignment by national standards bodies

The first six digits correspond to the issuer identification number ((BIN) Also known as the bank identification number) and identify the institution of the credit card issued.

The remaining digits correspond to individual account identifiers, the last digit of which is a check digit, obtained from the Luhn algorithm, to prevent accidental input errors.

The CVV made up of three digits represent the card verification value on the back of the card required for payment, so be careful to hide this code.

 Valid Credit Card Checker 

Check a credit card number with our online checker!

You can now validate any credit card number using our credit card validator online! Our credit card validator and checker checks the credit card number and return valid results.

Such as Major Industry Identifier which can be checked by analyzing the credit card number prefix. Our validator checks MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card, JCB Card, and American Express cards.

 Uses Of KeyCardGen.Com 

If you are visiting our site you must know why you are here for. Our Card Details generator is made for the purpose of data testing. Where you can be used it for a various website, software, and applications that needed such credit card details for validation.

Now you can generate the card details and test your eCommerce website and validate your tests by using our website.

 Here Is An Example Or The Situation Where You Need Such Credit Card Generator For Credit Card Details: 

So many of website your visiting wants your credit card and debit card details. You just want to check that whether is that real or not. Actually, you do not want to buy it then in such case you will get help on our website. By generating fake credit card details to just validate the credit card details for checking the products or website things.

We thought about putting such kind of sensitive financial information won’t be a good thing or it is not been necessary. If you’re giving such financial details to the website owner that you actually don’t want to buy from. Then is like giving up your privacy to the owner of the website.

Our credit card generator does not work as an actual credit card. Our Credit Card Generator made for the educational, data testing and for verification purpose. It does not contain any real-world value.