Top Free Sites to Read Comic Books Online 2019

Sites to Read Comic Books Online

Are you someone who still takes pleasure in reading comics, even though many of them have been converted into hit TV cartoons and movies? Are you someone, who thinks that there’s still that originality missing in those movies and cartoons that were in their parent comics?

Do you still have the zeal of that kid from the 80s and 90s, who had spent his childhood in the beautiful wonderland of comics?

Are you a reader, and upset that technology has deprived the kids of today the beautiful joy of comic reading?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, this might be just the post for you! Comic reading is a very noble habit that evolves a curious kid into a wise reader.

These kids who are passionate story readers go on to become fantastic story-tellers in life.

So if you want to continue your childhood hobby or inculcate the habit of comic reading in your child, but just don’t want to spend enough money on bulky volumes of comics, or find it difficult to arrange them in this the era of digital media, then why not use digital media to your profit.

These comics are compatible with all the operating systems, be it Android, Windows or iOS.

Here are few of the top free sites to read comic books online:

 Top free sites to read comic books online 


When one thinks of comics, Marvel is the first thing that strikes in mind. And why not, they are the Gods of the comic world. Superheroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, Hulk, Thor, Avengers and many more have been immortalized by them.

So if you really want to start your comic journey, Marvel is the place to go. You’ll find old as well as current issues (which are obviously paid).

You can get to read how it all started. If you, however, take up their membership for a fee, you get access to over 25000 comics.


Owned by Amazon, Comixology is another repository of Marvel, DC as well as other comics. You can buy current issues, or subscribe to Comixology Unlimited for $5.99/month. But they have a library of old issues as well, from where one can read a comic for free.

You just need to log in, add a free comic to cart, and complete a purchase of $0.00 dollars, and the book is in your Comixology book store.


This is another site where one can read comics of different genres, from Superhero to Indie, absolutely free. Comics are uploaded weekly. One just has to click on the particular comic and start.


Want to download comics, and read them at your convenience without having to use the internet all the time? Here is a site that lets you do just that. The comic files are however packed on .CBR or .CBZ file formats.

Hence, you might be needing some reader apps like YAC Reader (Win, OsX, Linux, iOS), ComicRack (Win, Android, Ios) CDisplayEx, etc.


Another site where you can read and download comic books of vast categories. The site boasts of some 36000 Golden Age and Silver Age comic books. They also keep Non-English comic books.

Above all, all the content is free and legal.


You’ll find a number of Golden Age comic books to download here as well. The aim of the site is to archive these books and make them widely available, free of cost. These sites do ask for any amount in donation, one would like to give, for the continuous working of the site.

But that is, again, optional.


You love the Japanese Manga comics? This is just the place for you. People can buy these comics from here, and read some comics free of cost as well.


For all the Indian 90s kids, do the names Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruv, Doga, ring a bell? Well, if you still smile when you hear these names, this may be the place for you. SJ Comics has a large repository of such comics to read for free.

You can also buy your favorite Indian comics from the publisher’s official portal,


Not into superhero comics. Here is a site that is has a huge veracity of comics. Manga, Indie, Sci-fi, Mature, History, LGBTQ+, action, mystery, comedy, you name it, they have it- for free as well as paid.

There you go. The article contains matter for a very large group of audience. For English, Japanese, Indian, Superhero fans, Indie fans, and many more.

So, What are you waiting for. Click on any link you like, and enjoy the journey. Bon Voyage!