Top 5 Alternatives to Skype VoIP Services – Free VoIP Calling Apps

Alternatives to Skype VoIP Services

In the olden days of course not too old but in the past people used Skype for making video calls. It provided free calling anywhere around the world. Off late Skype has much improved especially when it comes to individuals communicating.

Skype is used by individuals to connect with their family, business associates, chums, business calls, etc. And this is what makes Skype important.

But let me remove the confusions which people are having regarding Skype. It is not only Skype which is the only video calling there have also come in the market free voice and video calling apps that are working way better than Skype.

These 5 services which have come new in the market are working wonders, free of cost and makes calling so very easy.

It has also become very interesting to use these features.

There are many options available in it which make calling very exciting and has become more popular among the kids of this age in making free video calls.

Plus, business calls can be very easily made through these 5 internet voice and video calling services. Here is the list of the 5 most popular internet calling and video calling services.


WhatsApp is one such app that is very much used all over the world by around 90% of the people. It has become very famous.

The best part about whats app is that there is only a phone number which is needed unlike Skype having a user name and password.

It can be very difficult sometimes as we can forget the password. The calling in WhatsApp is internationally free and it is friendly with many devices.

There is also the option of group chat along with which you can also share files, images, pictures, and videos.

So it’s all in one service. But you can call only those who are using WhatsApp. WhatsApp has been rewarded as the best applications for internet messaging and video calling and voice calling.

It has become another alternative as compared to Skype.

All that you need is only a phone number and that’s all. Your services start with WhatsApp. It can be used on other devices also like android devices, mac device,s etc.

All the information can be easily synced from your phone to your desktop.

 Google Hangout 

Google Hangout is another alternative to Skype. The best part about it is that it can easily get connected to the part of the world.

It has an interface that is very user responsive. Individuals can do chatting in that plus video calling and calling from the same interface.

It can be used on the computer and is available in Gmail also. But one point is that it does not show the status plus that whether the receiver had read the texts.


Viber is another calling app that is yet another marginal of Skype. There are many positive sides to Viber.

But the fact is it can only be used with other Viber callers. It is to be used on PC. Then the registration for Viber is done through a phone number, unlike Skype which is needed a username.

Through Viber, one can easily share location, emotions, etc.


Oovoo is one of the best video calling app. In this, there are more than 10 people who can chat together and do the video calling is been awarded as the best for its compatibility with other devices.

Video calling in HD can be done for at least 7 people. Easily gets connected with Facebook. It is also better than Skype.


FaceTime is another app that is extensively used by youngsters and other individuals. It is also one of the options apart from Skype.

The quality of the video in HD is great. The setting up of the system is very easy and its use is also very easy.

Even if your app fails you can easily call on iOS and also receive calls. Video calling in the group is also available.

But it is limited to only computers which are of apple and devices. So everything has pros and cons of its own way.