Play Xbox One Games on PC?

Play Xbox One Games on PC

If you have Xbox one in your living room TV, then the amount of time that you are going to use it to play games will only be the time that is left by the family members. It is because most of the time you will find someone watching TV and so you will have to wait for your turn.

But with the help of Xbox games streaming, you have an alternative way to enjoy the game. Before that, there is a certain thing that you need to have that is a spare window 10 PC, which has a decent connection between the Xbox one and the router.

This will help you to not only stream but also play your Xbox game while sitting in front of your PC.

Mentioned below are the steps that will help you in assisting how to play Xbox one games on PC.

 Step 1] 

The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is switch on to your Xbox One, and then you need to head to the settings.

This can also be done by pressing the Xbox button on the controller and then you just need to scroll with the help of the D-pad.

 Step 2] 

On completion of the first step you will find that under the setting option, you will have a preferences option available if you select that you will have a list of some other options too.

From there you need to select the “Xbox app connectivity”.

 Step 3] 

After clicking the above mentioned option, you need to select certain preferences like you must enable the option which states “allow connections from any device” or you can also select the option which says to select “Only from profiles signed in Xbox”.

Moreover, you must not forget that under “this section” you also need to enable the “Allow game streaming to other devices”.

After the completion of the above mentioned steps, you need to return to the Xbox one home screen.

But before that, you need to make sure that the Xbox one is connected only to the internal network.

Unfortunately, if you are not able to connect with the Ethernet cable, then you must ensure that you are using a high quality wireless connection that has high bandwidth and also low interference.

 How to connect to Xbox on Windows 10 PC 

In order to connect to the Xbox one, you must make sure that it is ready for the connection.

So the only thing that you need to ensure is that the Xbox One app is installed. If you have this app, then connecting to your Xbox becomes much easier.

Follow the steps, which are mentioned below, and you will be able to connect to Xbox from your PC successfully.

 Step 1] 

The first and the foremost thing, which you need to do, is log in. But if you already use Microsoft account to log in, then it will be applicable as default to your account.

But if your Xbox account is completely different, then you need to select the “Sign in” option which will be present at the top of the screen.

 Step 2] 

After signing in, you also need to click on the streaming icon, and you can find it on the left side of the menu just above the settings button.

The main thing that the Xbox app is that it will scan your network from the Xbox one consoles and thus you just need to select one from the list that it fetches for you.

If your device is not recognized, then you can also add it under “Add a device” option.

 Step 3] 

Once you find that your Xbox is linked successfully then you can start streaming your Xbox from your PC by simply clicking on the “Stream” option.

As soon as you click on the stream option, the Xbox output should start streaming immediately from the PC with your Xbox controller.

Moreover, if you find that you are very far from your Xbox, then it would be best if you can connect your Xbox controller directly to your PC.

In addition, you must also adjust the quality of the streaming so that you do not encounter any lag while playing.

Here, one thing that you must keep in your mind is that if the Xbox app is not able to find your Xbox then you can either use the network analysis software in order to find the Xbox one’s IP address or you can use the alternative way.

For the alternate way, you need to go to the advanced settings, which will be under network settings, and the same could be found under Network option.

You can also make use of the Xbox IP so that you can connect to your Xbox manually.