Know The Top 22 Best Free Internet Phone Calls Apps

Free Internet Phone Calls Apps

 Google Voice 

Making internet calling free through a phone has now been made easy with the help of Google Voice. It works very easily on computers and mobile phones.

Another best feature is that if you are getting disturbed by many calls then you can forward the calls to one of your mobile phones.

So is it not a good feature that Google Voice offers you with. It gets connected with contacts on your phone.


This app is used worldwide by millions of users all around the world. There can be no match to it. It requires a phone number only. But with WhatsApp everything has been made easy.

You can easily connect with people no matter which location they works on different devices and also works on web.


TextNow is also good in making internet calls. A phone number is given to use. The next best feature is the voicemail feature, which has a inbox for voice messages.

The best part of TextNow is that free calls can be done to users who are using this app. Another dashing feature you can send text messages on any phone number.

 Google Duo 

Its another internet calling which makes calling 200% free to any users. Isn’t this amazing? For the use of this app you can invite people from your contact books.

The only thing is that it cannot send text messages. But is very good in internet calling.


It is one such application where the user is provided with a number to use for making free internet calls. But the number expires if it has been inactive for too long period.

This application works even with users and non-users.


In this you can use text messaging and making calls for free with people who are using Viber. It also helps in finding your Viber friends from the list of people you know in contacts.

Another top feature is that you can send messages as well as share videos.

 Facebook Messenger 

Facebook messenger can be used to send messages, share videos, images, and make free internet calls. This can also be done through computer.


There are many user of Snapchat. There is also feature where you can share many images. There is also free calling and as well as video calling which is free.

You can only call people who are using Snapchat and you cannot call others in another numbers.


A very old name but very popular application. It works on different devices also has the feature of text messaging.

 Freedom Pops 

Making calls from Freedom Pops is free anywhere in the world. Though there is a limitation in your making calls and messaging on monthly basis.


Tango is a app which can be installed for free and calls can also be made. You can make phone calls and also video calls.


Skype can also be used for making free video calls and making text message. It can be used on computer as well as on phone with internet connection.


The best feature of this app is that you call users who do not use this app. And this app is very cheap to use.

 Vonage Mobile 

It’s free and can be called to other users too & earn free credits.


It works on all devices and free calling to users and non users.


It’s like WhatsApp. Its can also hide one’s identity during making call.


Signal also helps in making free internet calls.

 KaKao Talks 

It’s same as other and helps making calls for free, plus message.


FreeTone is another app which helps in making calls all over the world.


Through FaceTime, you can do free video calling all around the world.


Screen can be shared in slack and video conferencing can be done.


It is an app that helps you to connect with your Maaii friends through Maaii out. Free calls and there is also free messaging.