Know The 8 Free iPhone and iPod Touch Texting Apps

iPhone and iPod Touch Texting Apps

The most popular means of communication with family and friends in the world is text messaging. Texting is highly popular as there are bunch of free texting apps for iPod touch and iPhone.

There is inbuilt message app in iPhone and there are bunch of free texting apps for iPod touch and iPhone which are totally free app. These apps contain lots of advanced features.

Different types of texting apps are available which are free of cost and user friendly with fast communication model and includes many advanced features.

Various types of Free iPhone and iPod Touch Texting Apps which are excellent apps free of cost which are as follows:


It is one of the most popular text messaging apps for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch which helps the users to stay connected with friends and families with free instant messages, video or voice calls.

There are unlimited advantages of using Skype by users as it keeps the track of user’s expenditures, reduces the business travel costs, cuts the cost of business calls etc. It keeps stay in touch with colleagues.

Its instant messaging feature is a perfect tool which helps the users to keep in touch with the colleagues.

It also provides effective ways to speak with the colleagues. Customers are the centers of any business whether small, medium or large.

Skype helps the users to work smartly with cost effective and collaborative tools whereas the size of business does not matter.


It is a BBM alternative and it works with both Android and iPhone. It scans the address book for the new friends and gets the notification when the message is delivered and received.

Kik messenger has become extremely popular app which works with the user profiles and the user names and people share their user name via social networks like Twitter or Face book. The notifications are received by the users when the messages are sent or delivered and the user can also easily check whether the sent message was read by the recipient.

The notification sounds can be customized and can be received instantly when each time new friends send the message. It can be connected automatically. There are Kik codes are provided to the users.

The Skype also provided an excellent source for sending messages which also include gifts, videos, sketches, emotions, gifts etc.

It is recognized as a great communication tool.


It is a browser based screen sharing tool with ability to view the content in the presentations. This free iPhone messaging app keeps the users online even after quitting the app.

There are no push notifications in this app. The unique and amazing features of this type of text messaging are that it provides global reliability, enterprise security and unified enterprise grade communication. All the business communications are well protected such as data privacy and security measures.

The entire platform is scalable, secured and reliable.


It is a free texting app for iPod touch or iPhone which gives an unlimited free texting messaging and calling. It provides free texting and super cheap calling or it can be described as a free app which is used for phone calling and text messaging.

It features free text messaging and phone calling. It is free as it displays the ads and it can be easily downloaded on iPod touch, iPad, Android etc.

It has also safety features through which it can block the users for their abusive behavior.

 IM + Lite 

IM + Lite is a universal free message app for iPod touch or iPhone or iPad which lets the users to send free text, video, voice messages and video.

It is one of the most secured chat app on the App Store.


Allows users to send text messages, recorded voice messages, voice calls, images, documents, video calls, images, documents and the user location.

WhatsApp came first in the market with the new communication model.


Viber has huge user base and this app also offers huge user base, as it offers free text messaging as well as free voice calls to the other Viber users.

It also supports free text messaging as well as free voice calls to the other Viber users.


Another most useful app and this service is intended to be used by using various methods such as voice, video, file sharing and text.