Know The 8 Best Free iPhone and iPod Touch Texting Apps

Apps for Free Text Messaging

Nowadays, texting has become a common way of communication between two or more people via their smartphone. Most of the information that needs to be sent to a person is now done through texting. There are a lot of texting apps available on the app store of your iPhone or iPod touch.

You can easily find them by just opening your app store. Texting has become a popular trend of today’s time. It is almost like people are dependent on it. Therefore, many application developers have made free texting apps so that people communicate in a better way.

Thus, one can talk to anyone without paying anything. All you need to do is download the free texting application from the app store.

You can find the following 8 free texting apps on the app store of your iPhone or iPod touch


WhatsApp is one of the most used free texting apps available on the app store. WhatsApp offers a lot of features like you can send text, photos, and videos to a person and also to a group. WhatsApp also offers you the facility of voice calling and video calling.

It also includes broadcast messages, thus one does not need to send a single message to everyone, again and again, you can just send it by creating a broadcast message, and that one message will be sent to each and every person that you have selected at once.

Therefore, WhatsApp is one of the most popular texting apps.


Viber is another texting app available for iPhone and iPod touch. It is available on the app store free of cost. It includes all the features that a texting app should have i.e. it has the facility of text messaging with the ability to send voice messages also.

It is used by many people and has a user-friendly user interface.

 Facebook Messenger 

It is a texting application for people who are on Facebook and want to interact with one another. It is Facebook on the version of text messaging.

Through the Facebook Messenger app, you can talk to your friends on Facebook through text. It is also one of the widely used texting apps.

 Text Free 

Text Free voice calling app allows you to create a phone number that you can share with other people So that you can chat with them.

You can also make and receive calls through this app. If you want to make an outgoing call you need to purchase minutes for calling, whereas the incoming call is free. Thus, this app has few in-app purchases but it is free to download.


BBM stands for blackberry messenger. It is a testing application which is developed by BlackBerry. Through BBM you can send and receive a text with users who are already on BBM.

It is a great user interface and allows you to see whether the other person has received text or not. It also shows you a sign which indicates that your text has been read. Thus, it is a good free texting app.

 Textie Messaging 

It is another free texting application that allows you to do all the basic functions that a text application can do. It does not include advanced features like voice texting and video calling. It is ideal for normal text messaging.

You can send a text message to a person irrespective of the fact that he or she has Textile Messaging application or not.

 Text Me 

Text me application allows you to send text messages, voice messages and also do video calling with both the people who have the Text Me app installed and also with the people who don’t have it.

In order to make free calls through the text me app, you need to get minutes by watching a few ads or making a purchase for a monthly subscription.


It does all that the above-mentioned texting apps do. You get a phone number registered to your account, which you can share with anyone with whom you want to text.

There are a bit of ad that appear on the app, which you can remove by taking a subscription.

Thus, these were 8 different apps that you can use for texting on your iPhone or iPod touch.