Know The 7 Best Emergency Alert Apps of 2019

Best Emergency Alert Apps

If somehow accidentally you are in a situation where you are stuck in an emergency, you can use the following apps to help you in that situation.

It could be anything an earthquake, flood, cyclone, hurricane Tor-tornado etc. from which you want to rescue yourself or be prepared for it.

Therefore, in such a situation you need to have the following apps installed on your tablet or smartphone so that you can deal with it.

 AccuWeather App 

AccuWeather app allows you to track down the different threats. It includes alerts for all the weather alerts. It is the best application for weather-related emergencies. It provides you detailed report of various weather emergencies.

It can tell the location where the chances of threats are more. It can tell a forecast of extreme weather conditions that are about to happen from one hour before to a week or month.

You can also get to know when it is going to snow, rain or flood. Therefore, AccuWeather is an excellent app that is helpful in dealing with extreme weather conditions.

 Zello App 

Zello is an application that allows you to have the feature of a walkie-talkie on your phone. It has various channels to which one can connect and hence communicate with one another. It can be used to communicate with your kids and elderly people during an emergency.

It also provides the facility of private channel on which only a few can communicate. Whereas, there is also a public channel to which anyone can join during an emergency.

You can hear the voice, even while your phone screen is off, which is a very beneficial feature during an emergency.

 Nextdoor App 

Nextdoor is a social network application that allows you to have communication within your community.

In the case of an emergency, it can be very useful because if anyone alerts about an emergency on the Nextdoor app, you will be notified immediately, and hence, you can prepare for the emergency and make sure that all other people in your community are aware of it.

Using the Nextdoor app, people in a neighborhood can collectively prepare for the emergency, they can decide all together that where they will be going to take shelter, how much food supply do they need, and many more things.

 GasBuddy App 

During an emergency, you don’t have time to decide from which gas station you are going to do shopping.

In this case, the gas buddy application helps you to find the cheapest gas station near you or on the way you are heading forward.

This way you can save a lot of money and you won’t be bothered about going into the wrong direction while finding a gas station.

 FEMA App 

FEMA stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency. It is a part of homeland security in the US. The mobile application of FEMA tells you the detail of various emergencies that are happening in real-time.

You just need to enter the location, and it will provide alerts of various disaster emergencies like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornados, thunderstorms, and cyclones, etc.

It is also capable of providing alerts for other emergencies like civil danger, nuclear hazardous and explosions etc.

 Life 360 App 

It allows you to track the location of your family during an emergency. It allows you to track the exact location of your closed ones in real-time.

It gives you alerts of the location of your family members, whenever they reach the destined spot.

For example, your kids are on a school bus, and suddenly there is a hurricane emergency alert. Now you cannot go outside to protect them.

Therefore with the help of the Life 360 app, you can track their location and see if they reached the school safely or if they are moved to a safe spot on time.

 Red Cross First Aid App 

Red Cross’s first app is a very helpful app during an emergency. It provides you all the instructions you need for first aid.

It includes all the health-related instructions that will be needed during an emergency. It helps you in getting the things ready that will be needed while protecting yourself from the disaster.

It has all the preventive measures that you must take while you are taking shelter.