Learn How to watch Netflix For Free

How to watch Netflix For Free

One of the best streaming services which you can ever get is the Netflix which has a mammoth of library full of soaps and movies.

But there is something more fascinating and that is that now you can watch Netflix for free.

And now you can also watch the strange things season 3 which is just lurking around to telecast on Netflix.

There are many right ways through which you can watch the Netflix for free.

 1.   Taking a Free Trial 

Anyone who wishes to watch and try out the services of Netflix can now take a one month free trial of the Netflix.

In this free trial session you will get unlimited entree to all the shows, movies, contents etc. which is available on the platform.

You can also download the videos and watch it later offline.

The only thing that you have to do is to signing in and then there is a small nominal amount that you will have to pay first and then process with your Netflix for free.

You will need and email account for registering yourself in Netflix.

Follow the easy steps below and get your free Netflix account trail.

 Step 1:  Go to the site Netflix.com.

 Step 2:  There will be a option to click on the 30 day free trial, tap on it.

 Step 3:  Options of various plans will come see and choose the plans.

 Step 4:  There plans will be displayed namely, a- basic, b- standard, and c-premium , select your plan and tap on the continue button.

 Step 5:  Put your e-mail id and set a password and continue.

 Step 6:  Choose your payment mode, fill the payment details.

 Step 7:  Then tap on start membership.

That’s all you have to do to watch Netflix for free for 30 days.

Once you have started the free trial you can watch and stream all the new and the latest shows and movies, videos etc.

You can also cancel your membership at any time of the day.

Netflix will give you a reminder on your e-mail id before the plan expires.

 2.   Multiple Free Netflix Trials 

Now if you want many more free trials, then there is one tricky idea which you can follow and you will love doing it every time you choose for a free trial on Netflix.

Multiple free trials can be done if you sign up every time with a new e-mail id and using a different payment method.

Though this is a very tough situation, as the Netflix allows only one person to take free trial and a thorough verification is also done in order to check that no one cheats them.

You can only do this at one option if you multiple credit cards or debit cards.

Remember one thing that; your billing and email both should be different.

So, its like you can use your moms id and credit, your dads id and credit or your siblings id and credit and can enjoy the Netflix free trial.

Gift card can be used by adding some money into it and using it for free trial of Netflix.

You can also use pay pal and link it with your debit/credit and then you can also use that to get free trial of 30 days.

Netflix will not in any case check your credit linked with the pay pal, it can also check after reading this, sounds a bit grotesque type situation.

Plus you have to check the services where you can get free email accounts, so that you can make multiple one to choose Netflix.

These are all long cut ways but if you love Netflix and want it for free then you have to do it!

 1.   Family & Friends the Lender of the Last Resort 

The lender of the last resort is your family and friends who can easily help you with Netflix 30 day free trial.

If you get family and friends who can share with you the Netflix credentials of the login then you can watch it for free.

 4.   Choose Best Plans on Netflix 


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