How to Remove a Credit Card from Your iTunes Account

Remove a Credit Card from Your iTunes Account

It becomes very easy to buy the movies, apps and music from iTunes store very easy by Apple.

When you will register iTunes account, apple makes you fill all the important credentials for the valid payment through the credit card. The information is saved on file, so it is always at hand for the purchases.

If you do not want your information of the credit card to be saved in iTunes as you are worried about your privacy or if you also do not want your child to make any unauthorized purchase when using computer so the card can be removed from the iTunes store.

So as to use the apple services and various apps like Apple Music, iCloud, App Store, iMessage, and Facetime, then you need Apple ID.

To use and set up the Apple account is free and easy, whether you use an iOS device, web browser or iTunes.

The following is the procedure to create an Apple ID using iTunes

 Step 1:  Firstly you have to launch the iTunes on your laptop or desktop.

 Step 2:  Then you have to click on the account menu.

 Step 3:  Then click on ‘Sign-in’.

 Step 4:  Click on ‘Create new Apple ID’.

 Step 5:  Enter all the required details and then click on ‘Continue’.

 Step 6:  Then on the next screen all the details about the payment method which will be used every time you make any purchase on iTunes Store.

 Step 7:  Create Apple ID after filling all the details.

Firstly delete the credit card from iTunes store.

Following are the steps which must be followed:

 Step 1:  Firstly open iTunes.

 Step 2:  If you have not signed up already, then first go to store menu, choose the sign-in and after that you can log in to account of yours.

 Step 3:  When you will sign-in, go to store menu and after that choose ‘View my Apple ID’. Then you will have to enter the password.

 Step 4:  Click on the link of ‘edit’ which is just located at right of payment type, in Apple ID summary.

 Step 5:  You do not have to choose the credit card option in the edit payment information, so click on ‘None’.

 Step 6:  Then scroll down and choose ‘none’.

 Step 7:  Now your apple account will not have any credit card attached.

 How You Can Get The Apps Without Credit Card On Your Account?  

When the credit card is removed from the iTunes account, then also you can get the music, apps, books and movies on your iPad.

There are a lot of options which will include that your kids can also download anything whatever they want.

 1.   Give the apps as the gifts 

Rather than buying apps on iPad, you can use the different account which will have the credit card that is attached for buying the apps.

You can give the movies and music as gifts via iTunes store.

 2.   Add and remove 

This really takes the most maintenance and it is really viable solution.

You can also add the credit card to account if you want to purchase anything and after the purchase gets confirmed you can remove the card.

This will be really the best if you will schedule your purchase once a month or once a week.

 3.   Set up iTunes allowance 

This option is really great if you want something low maintenance solution. You can use the allowance for closely monitoring what your kid does on iPad.

For the older kids, you can set up the allowance.

 4.   You can load it up 

This is really the easiest way if you have very young children who do not need the greatest and latest apps on their iPad.

After you will register for the account, download all the books, apps, movies and music which you want without removal of any credit card.

An iTunes allowance can be really pretty gift.

So it is better to have the iTunes store credit in your account in every month. You can set up the iTunes store allowance which is pretty simple.

You can set up iTunes allowance:

 Step 1:  Go to the iTunes store and then you can sign-in with the apple ID. You can easily make Apple ID if you do not have.

 Step 2:   On the top right of Quick Link, you can choose ‘send iTunes gift’.

 Step 3:  Then you can select ‘learn more about gifting’.

 Step 4:  When you will get the ‘Allowances’ section, then you can select ‘set up the allowance’.


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