How to Redeem a Roblox Card 2019 {step by step}

how to Redeem a Roblox Card

Are you a video or PC game lover? In this 21st century, people prefer to play the indoor game more than the outdoor game. In earlier days, we were habituated to play a conventional outdoor game.

But now due to a shortage of time indoor game is the best option for us. We use gaming cards to play multiple online games.

We use this card either for getting the membership, or the currency or sometimes the items that used in the particular game.

Roblox cards are also used to buy the Robux or the builders club. Those who are crazy about PC games, they can purchase the Roblox Game card either from the retailer or from online.

 Release date of Roblox card 

In the year of 2010, 26th September Roblox launched their first game card. They choose children’s toys retailer, the USA as the released place of the game card.

Now you will get the Roblox cards globally, like Australia, USA, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Roblox game cards are two types:

 Robux:   In this card, virtual currency will be added in your account.

 Credit:   You will get real money value once you buy the membership or Robux.

If you redeem the card, you may win exclusive items. Let see how you can redeem the Roblox card.

 Methods to redeem a Roblox card 2019 

 1st]  Method

 1.]  All you need to have internet and a device. Now open the browser and type the URL,

 2.]  Create an account and then by using the credentials login to the Roblox account.

 3.]  As you cannot transfer, later on, you can redeem the Roblox card by logging into your Roblox account.

 4.]  Now, visit the card redemption page, take the cursor on the “Redeem” option, and click it. Enter the code of the Roblox card and confirm the same.

 5.]  After redeeming your points, you can check the balance marked as Green.

 2nd]   Method

 1.]  Go to the game card redemption page.

 2.]  Now scroll down and stay on the Purchase section. You will see multiple options.

 3.]  To get started click on the icon of builder’s club or you can click on Roblox.

 4.]  Now choose your item that you want to buy by using either the credit code of Roblox card. Once you come to the payment procedure and select the Roblox credit and click on the Continue option.

 5.]  Make sure the gift card code is selected and then place the order.

The Roblox card credit balance is not visible on every page. You can see the balance only in the current game card credit balance of an account. Visit the purchasing page like game card redemption page, builders club page or Robux page. It will be visible on the right side of the page.

In case if you are not able to check the Robux balance, it means the account does not contain any Roblox card credit, which you can redeem in the future.

 3rd]   Method

 1.]  Open the browser and log into your Roblox account.

 2.]  If you want to use your smartphone to open the browser you can use the Roblox application rather than going through the browser, the apps easily run on iPhone and Android.

 3.]  You can redeem your card from the app as well.

Though it is advisable to use browser and open the desktop version website as you have all the options there.

Go to the Robux page or the builder’s club page. You may want to purchase any item from there. Choose the item that you want to buy and confirm the same. Now click on the continue option and go for payment part where you can select the”redeem Roblox card”.

Once you are on the payment page you will notice the Roblox card box. Put the unique PIN code and click on the redeem option. The credit will be updated into your balance, now just click on the submit order option.

If your credit is higher or equal to the total purchase amount, this page will verify the total purchase.The Roblox game developers issue the Roblox card from time to time. This card can be used to get the Robux, which is known as Roblox game currency.

A unique code comes along with each card. You need to use the code and redeem the Robux. If you want to win the free Roblox gift items or you want to buy builder hut use the Roblox card to own those items.

Even you can earn free gift cards as well. It’s true that the credit balance of your card is not visible in all pages. In case you are facing any problems during the redemption, you can contact the Roblox customer care instantly. They will sort out your problem immediately as they are very friendly and available 24×7.