How to Put Money on a Gift Card 2021

How to add money in gift card

Everyone loves gift cards especially consumers as it is armed with an easy payment method as well as it offers seamless convenience to the givers.

Mostly these gift cards are used by the merchants everywhere to grow sales and awareness.

The gift cards are highly beneficial and convenient as there are several ways to reload the card, if  there is no money in it and can be easily carried and used for payment transactions.

Different Methods of Reloading Money on Gift Card

There are different methods of reloading money on gift card as follows:

 1.   Reloading of gift card with one time transaction 

The various steps included in reloading of gift card with one time transaction are as follows:

 A.  Visit the businesses which issue the gift card

If the gift card is for businesses having the physical location such as store, amusement park and restaurant.

In many cases one can easily reload the card by visiting that business.

One can check the back side of card or call the businesses to find this information.

 B.  Next take the gift card to the cashier or the customer service desk or equivalent

Take the gift card to the cashier or customer service agent and tell him or her to reload the card and different payment options are available like cash, credit etc.

 C.  Then visit the website of the gift card issuer

Many businesses which offer the gift cards give the option of reloading the card online.

Go to the option on the business website and search for ‘gift card’.

There are different directions for the reloading of card by using debit card, credit card, wire transfer etc.

 1.   Check at the back side of gift card which states that one can reload their card online or for this card user may visit to the business website or can call the business customer service agent.

 2.  The user must keep the card with themselves while visiting the website to reload it, as one has to enter gift card number which is written at the back of card and enter PIN number if applicable.

 3.  The options for card reloading card online is limited. The only other option available is to reload the card by using the option of bank transfer.

 4.  The payment information must be kept ready by the card user like credit card or the checking account number, PIN etc.

 5.  The user can create the account in order to reload the gift card by using this method.

 D.  Reloading gift card using customer account

The other method includes the reloading of gift card using the customer account and has different steps:

 Step 1:  Determine whether card can be reloaded through customer account

If user has an online account or have the existing relationship with the issuer of the gift card, then user may be able to reload their card through their account.

 Step 2:  User can visit their account login website

The card issuer may use a web browser to go to the login account and user will have to enter the information they were asked or prompted to such as user name, account number, password etc. for accessing the account.

 Step 3:  Then select the card

User may be prompted to enter their gift card number and PIN number, if applicable.

With some merchants, one can store more gift cards on their customer account.

Select the gift card, which the user wants to reload, once logged into the account.

 Step 4:  User may enter their payment information

The money is transferred to the gift card from the user’s payment accounts.

 A gift card is the best personal present as well as gift cards are safe and secure. There are different benefits of gift cards which are as follows:

 Amazing Benefits of Gift Cards 

 Gift card builds brand awareness 

The gift cards are cost effective method of advertising and helps to keep the business at the top.

The virtual gift cards helps to promote the company’s brand messages with the customers online.

The traditional plastic cards offers wallet sized advertisements for sharing the company’s messages.

 It generates useful data 

The gift cards open the door which allows the businesses to serve the customers more effectively.

It helps in the collection of vital data which helps in the understanding of market.

The gift cards are linked to online registrations thus allowing customers to communicate their preferences, thus it would help the businesses to serve their customers in the best manner.

 The gift cards are safe and convenient 

Today’s gift cards are more beneficial, safer and convenient as compared to the paper certificates which were vulnerable to fraud from the duplication, theft and loss.

 By adding gift cards to the marketing mix engages the customers and thus increases the sales 

It helps in building lots of business opportunities thus resulting into increase in brand awareness as well as increases sales.

 Gift card programs are easy to implement as well as highly affordable for businesses of all sizes 

Gift cards are very easy to implement and it is highly affordable for all types of businesses of all sizes



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