How to Buy Spotify Premium as a Gift in 2021

How to Buy Spotify Premium as a Gift

Spotify is a digital music streaming app that is used to listen to the sings, podcasts and videos from various artists all over the world.

It is quite an easy and appealing app because it lets you access the entire content for free.

Even if the user doesn’t want to subscribe further, it doesn’t ask him to make any kind of commitments and this can be tested by the user himself by logging into the app.

Now what is new in the house is the Spotify premium. The Spotify premium is being given and a gift card from a bricks-and-mortar retailer or even online through PayPal.

There are bulk of purchases that are limited to only a handful of European countries.

 Gifts from card retailers 

There are many retailers that offer plastic Spotify gift cards in varying denominations. The card can be simply purchased and the cashier is responsible for activating it.

Then the card can be sent to the intended recipient. There are various places like Walmart, Costco, Target, and Best Buy that offer physical cards.

Some of the online vendors also offer Spotify gift cards. PayPal is exclusively responsible for selling the gift cards through the Spotify program.

After picking up the denomination, it can be added to the PayPal shopping cart and that is how your gift can be scheduled.

A personal note can also be added for others to see.

 How To Use A Spotify Gift Card? 

The customers can visit the Spotify redemption page in order to enter the card and the PIN to claim to credits to the account.

 How Can The Users Get Gift Cards In A Bulk? 

Spotify is responsible for offering a corporate bulk purchase program for the gift cards through a partnership with the vendor.

This program is in use in 24 European countries currently.

 How Does Spotify Work? 

 1.  The users must visit the Spotify website first and do the signup.

The users can also sign up with Facebook so that they can find and follow the friends and others known in order to see what they are listening to.

 2.  A subscription level must be chosen.

The user is recommended for opting for the Spotify premium as it gives the users access to more elaborated features and is way more flexible and easier to use.

 3.  Downloading and installation of the free Spotify application is very necessary in order to enable its various versions on the desktop, iPhone/iPad

 4.  Once the user has signed in to those devices, he can listen to them easily.

 How Spotify Premium Beneficial To You? 

Following are the features that help to determine why is Spotify premium considered to be the best.

 1.  The music can be played offline and it can be listened to anywhere.

 2.  No ad interruptions are there to disturb you and nonstop music can be enjoyed.

 3.  Any track can be picked and played whenever you are in the mood of listening to one.

 4.  Limitless skips are allowed and all the users have to do is hit the next button.

 How To Get A Spotify Premium? 

 A.  The user must sign in or log in with his existing account.

 B.  Then he must choose the method of payment and get going with the Spotify premium.

Premium family can also be bought in which the family members can also be invited.

The family members need to first accept the invitation at home, confirm their address and then they can also use the Spotify premium.

 What All Is Offered With Spotify Premium? 

The Spotify premium has various features and the music can be played on shuffle mode.

Not only this,  but it can also be shifted up to six times per hour.

There is no limit to which you can skip your signs. The premium has this amazing feature and never lets you get bored with a single song.

All playlists can be accessed, new music can also be discovered and you can also share various tunes with your friends.

All the music artists are available on this and they can be listened to anytime and anywhere.

Spotify can also be used on mobile, desktop o the tablet.

It is easily accessible and the best version can be listened to.



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