Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions related to KeyCardGen as well as other topics related to the site and credit card details generated through it.

1. How KeyCardGen will offer you the gift cards?

Ans: We are providing free giveaways of gift cards. You can use these cards to pay your subscriptions online on various renowned websites.

2. What do you mean by gift card generator?

Ans: It is an online performing tool that is used to generate the codes online free of cost. You can generate unlimited codes without spending a single penny.

Moreover, there is no need to use any tool or download an application to use these gift cards.

3. How to redeem Gift card codes?

Ans: When you have generated the gift card code, then copy the same and access the application where you want to use it.

Login with ID and password and paste the gift card code for getting a subscription or for shopping.

4. These gift card codes are working or not?

Ans: Yes, all the codes given on the site are working. You can access the codes and enjoy various services free of cost.

5. What types of gift card codes are available?

Ans: Several types of gift card codes are offered to our customers such as Amazon, eBay, Netflix, Google Play, Roblox, iTunes, XBOX, Fortnite, PSN, PayPal, Minecraft, and so on.

6. How KeyCardGen generate credit cards?

Ans: Anyone can generate such cards if they know the particular formulae to produce it.

We are using an algorithm “Luhn Algorithm” that is used worldwide to generate and check the credit card’s validity that is already created.

7. Do all gift card codes are real and working?

Ans: Yes, all gift card codes are real. However, you need to check out the codes because some codes are already used by our users.

8. What credit card options are available with the site?

Ans: Various credit card options are provided by keycardgen.com such as MasterCard, JCB, Discover, Union Pay, American Express Amex, and some other debit cards.

9. How do these credit card work for you?

Ans: In all credit card numbers, a six-digit issuer identification number is prefixed, and also, it includes a seven-digit personal account number.

The validation of all these credit cards is done with the help of an algorithm Mod 10.

10. What is CVV?

Ans: CVV stands for Card Verification Value and it is displayed on the backside of the card as issued by the bank just near the signature area.

Most of the cards have three numbers as CVV but some have four digits and it is known as CVV2 like in case of American Express.

The number is used to verify the card to safeguard any fraud over the web.

11. What do you mean by a Valid Credit Card?

Ans: When we talk about the credit card, then the priority is the authenticity of the card.

The online generated cards are based on formulae and they follow definite mathematical principles. This is the reason; we call it valid credit cards.

12. What is the Luhn Algorithm?

Ans: Popularly, it is known as the mod 10 formulas or mod 10 algorithms. A checksum formula is used under this algorithm that is very simple and is useful to validate different identification numbers such as the credit card, social insurance number, national provider identification number, and others.

13. Why use these credit cards?

Ans: There are several uses of these credit cards that are beneficial for online users. First off, these are convenient; maintain purchase record, financial security, cash efficiency, grace period, and insurance.

14. What is Credit Card Validator?

Ans: It is a facility provided to validate your credit card. You need to fill some details of your card such as Owner, CVV, Card Number, Expiry date, and then, choose your card. That’s all, tap on Confirm.