Best Ways To Get Free iTunes Gift Cards Codes In 2019

Get Free iTunes Gift Cards Codes

Apple product users might know what iTunes gift card is but let’s discuss what it is if you do not know about it.

People want to get the gift cards for free but it’s not that easy and there is a quiet struggle for it. As you might know to purchase a gift card that too of big brands is really expensive.

There are many ways by which you can get free iTunes gift card code.

iTunes popularity among the younger generation especially the music lovers is huge as It includes MP3, videos, recording, music, media library, etc.

 What is iTunes? 

So what exactly iTunes is? It’s actually an online digital media store, which is software-based. In 2003 28th April it was first introduced by

We cannot think of mobile phones without entertainment and for entertainment on apple devices this is the best way and earlier used to be the only way.

 How to get Free iTunes gift card code 

Many people get confused between the apple music card and an iTunes gift card and apple store gift card. All three are different. You can use the iTunes in-app store or iBook store too. Let see how you can get the free iTunes gift card code.

Listening and downloading music on iTunes is expensive, not everyone can afford it. Most of the music lovers who want to buy the music individually on iTunes they find difficulty in it.

Hence they pay a lump sum amount as subscription fees and enjoy the service.

On other hands, we will find many people who download the music illegally from the internet which is a big no as the downloaded content is pirated. Let see how you can get the gift card code legally.

 1.  Social media

Social media is the best way through which you can get the free card very easily. It’s very simple. Just follow the official account of the gift card companies.

Find out the companies name from social media and search how often they provide points or gift card as social media has made searching these things easier.

 2.  Online reward programmer

Multiple companies who create online reward programs to attract people. The audience uses social media to get all the details related to iTunes.

Create an account where you can get the details. Some of the popular reward programs are my coke rewards, quick rewards, free e bay gift card, etc.

 3.  Fill the survey, play games and watch videos

This is another way to get the free iTunes gift card codes for 2019. By filling the survey, watching all the videos and playing games you will be able to get the code. Though even after doing all this you would get less point but doesn’t matter.

It’s legitimate, that’s important. Out of all the survey, quick thoughts are the popular one. Through this survey, you need to share some ideas.

 4.  Set up the allowance

This is another way to get free iTunes gift code. Set an allowance and get the code. As simple as that. You can set the allowance for other people. You just play the role of guardian or recipient. Every month you need to fix the allowance.

Make sure you have both the Apple ID and email id. All these are the legal ways to collect the free iTunes gift card code.

 5.  Promote products to win the gift card code for free

Promoting a product is another simple way to win the iTunes free gift card code. Here you need to find the websites and companies to promote the products or subscribe to the newsletter. By doing this you can win free codes.

It is advisable to choose a trustworthy website for this purpose. Be cautious before sharing the personal details on the net.

Do not share your credit card details, the location, address, CC information, date of birth and your account number. You can avoid other information too if you think that can be prone to theft.

 How to redeem the codes from the iTunes card 

You can redeem through any apple iOS device.

 Step 1]  Open the app store or iTunes store

 Step 2]  Once the store has opened click on the music option.

 Step 3]  Scroll down and click on the redeem option.

 Step 4]  Now put the password and your id and click ok.

 Step 5]  Now you will notice a box where you need to enter the code manually. Put the 16 digit code from the gift card.

Enjoy the credit Points​ that are added to the Apple ID.

Redeem through desktop

 Step 1]  Open the application in your desktop

 Step 2]  Sign in first by giving id and password. If you do not have an account sign up and look ‘for the redeem option and tap on that.

 Step 3]  Now enter your gift card code

 Step 4]  Now click on the redeem button, the credit will be added to your account.