Best Ways to Get Free Google Play Codes in 2021

Get Free Google Play Codes

These days, there are many apps in the Playstore for which you are craving but they need you to pay for it. We always ignore apps, which are quite interesting and attractive as they all are paid and thus we have to resist ourselves.

But today there are free Google play codes that can help to replace real money while buying such apps on the Playstore.

These types of Google codes are being introduced by Google itself and are real. These gift codes can replace real money and thus help you in purchasing all paid apps.

But the question is how and where to get such Free Google play codes?

There are other online and offline stores, which can help you to get codes and thus help to buy many things on the Playstore except yearly membership.

 Methods to get free Google play codes 

 Fast Method 

If you are quite eager and willing to buy something immediately from Playstore but not with real cash, opt for Fast Method.

It can help to get you free Google play codes within minutes and thus you are free to use at that very second.

The Fast method involves different online websites, which claim to give away Google codes that can be used within a time limit.

But before trying such websites please make sure they are coming up with valid code as they fake people and come up with some false code.

Today there are many such websites, which assure that they offer free Google play codes but before jumping to it make sure that they are not scamming.

Many types of research are being conducted on such sites to check out whether they are valid or not but mostly all are a scam.

They just ask customers to attend their survey, which will again to lead to some other website survey.

In this manner, customers are been bluffed but there is no such Google code.

These websites sometimes try to get your personal information and so it is believed to avoid such a method while looking out for Free Google play code.

 Slow Method 

No one likes to wait and so people opt for a fast method, which will not give them any output. These slow methods take 3-4 months to fetch you some code but spending time here will really help you to get some valid Google code.

These methods are known as “GPT” which means Get Paid to where small earning through points can lead to redeem some Google code. There are two ways in these which are as follows:

 GPT website 

These are some genuine websites where users are required to complete some small task and in return, they get some points for it.

Thus, completing such small jobs will help to accumulate more and more points and these collections can help to get some Free Google Play Codes.

Some of the common tasks, which are required to be completed by customers to earn points, are mentioned below:

 Small survey regarding reviews 

 Watching some Ads 

 Buying products from websites which are affiliated to GPT 

 Installing some app on your mobile

 GPT Apps 

Its time when everyone uses to spend most of their time in mobile and so there are some GPT points that can lead to free Google play codes.

These apps work exactly as their website but to attend the survey there is a need to install some GPT apps.

These apps also ask users to perform some small task to earn points and finally get codes.

 Download some game and claim for points 

 Attend mobile survey and earn points according to the survey 

 Install some security apps in mobile which in turn can help to win some points 

 Watching video on GPT apps can also help to accumulate some more points in the account 

Thus following any of the methods through GPT apps or websites can help everyone to earn some points.

After accumulating points, it can be used to get free Google play codes and thus you are free to purchase from the Google play store.

It is one of the best ways to earn money but you need to have the patience to make it possible.

Some other methods that can help to grab some useful free Goggle codes are Facebook, Reddit, and even some Game Forums.

This makes clear that there are some methods that can help to get Google code for free but it is up to you to choose your way.

Please keep patience and think twice before opting for any method to get free code.