Best way to Redeem Code on Xbox?

Redeem Code on Xbox

If you are using the Xbox console, then you will find that there are lots of different types of games and content available.

In addition, this all starts with the bonus stuff, which comes all along with the hardware. You will be amazed to know that Microsoft offers many ways by which you can easily redeem the code.

This could be done in the number of way that is directly from the console, from the web browser or even using the official Xbox app from the Android and iOS. Mentioned below are the steps that are involved in redeeming your code.

 How to redeem on your console 

 Step 1]  The first thing that you need to do is load up the code input screen.

If the code that needs to be redeemed has a QR code, then the process becomes much simpler as you just need to scan the code and confirm your choice.

But if you do not find any QR code, then you need to select “use a code” option which will be present below the games section.

 Step 2]  Usually, you will find that the length of the code is twenty five digits.

Once you enter the code successfully, you will find the list of the downloadable content, and you can install one based on your choice.

 How to redeem code in your browser 

If you want to redeem the code in your browser, then the process is a little bit different compared to the console One.

 Step 1]  At first, you need to sign in to the website and then go to the redeem code section.

But before that, you need to make sure that you are already signed in to your Microsoft account.

 Step 2]  Click on the redeem code option, which is available there.

 Step 3]  On selection of the redeem code button, you will be asked to enter the code, which needs to be redeemed.

After entering the code, you need to select the confirm option, and you will find that the code is redeemed successfully.

 Step 4]  But in order to use its entire benefit, you will have to install the content on your console on your own.

If the code is redeemed successfully, then you can find the content ready to play.

 Step 5]  If you want to download some specific content, then you need to go to the “My games and apps” section, and there you can find the content based on your requirement.

In order to install the content, you will have to select the menu button which is present on your Xbox One controller and then select the “Manage game” option. There you will definitely find a section which is labeled as “Ready to install”.

Here, you can find that your content is listed, so all that you need to do is click on the installation option.

 How to redeem using the Xbox app 

You will be amazed to know regarding the recent update that was made to the Xbox app. This helps you to enter the codes to be redeemed.

For this, you need to enter the code in the Xbox app and then sign in to your account.

 Step 1]  The first thing that you need to do before going to the home screen is scroll right to the store.

 Step 2]  Then, under the “Categories” option, you need to select the game’s option.

 Step 3]  There you could find an option, which states “Xbox, use code”; you need to click on the same. Sometimes, you will be asked to sign in to your account.

 Step 4]  You will find an option present there, which ask you to enter the twenty five character code.

After entering the code carefully and successfully, you will be redirected to the page when you can download and install content based on your choice.

 Step 5]  Here, you need to claim your content from Xbox with the help of your mobile app.

 Step 6]  For this, you need to go to the menu button on your controller so that you can easily manage games.

Moreover, you will also find the list of the content, which is ready to be installed. All that you need to do is just select and install.

The best thing is that most of the downloadable content files are small, and thus, you can play the same within no time.

Moreover, you must also keep one point in your mind that once you have removed the content, then you will find the data of the content at the time re-installing it again.

Hence, you can say that once the data is removed, that means the data is lost forever.

So its recommended to connect to the internet at the time of removing content.