Apps for Free Text Messaging – Free Texting Apps on Your iPhone Android BlackBerrry and Windows Phone

Apps for Free Text Messaging

There are various apps available for sending and receiving free text messages on smartphones, Most of the apps require either a data plan or Wi-Fi like various users communicate with the other WhatsApp users, and this service is quite amazing as it provides free text messaging using mobile number or voice or video chatting.

Group-based conversations can also be done in which groups can be engaged. WhatsApp is one of the large as well as active user base which is most commonly used presently by the users.

It supports free video and voice messaging and there is no need for an account only a phone number is required. Without the internet, it cannot work a free service works only with the other WhatsApp users.

Following are the advantages of using what’s app which makes it highly popular.

 1.  WhatsApp

 What makes WhatsApp popular? 

Allows users to send text messages, recorded voice messages, voice calls, images, documents, video calls, images, documents and the user location.  WhatsApp came first in the market with the new communication model.

Other advantages of what’s app are that it has killed the SMS, solved the problems of messaging as SMS were costly and limited. Users can send to other WhatsApp users without counting of words and without any restrictions of contact numbers all are free.

It identifies people with their phone numbers and there is no need for the user name. If anyone is having a contact number, then it means they are already in their contact number. No one can hide under a fake identity. WhatsApp work on most of the platforms with the expanded feature set.

WhatsApp is made for mobile devices, not for computers. It was like boom and WhatsApp is a free app. It does not impose ads on its users.

WhatsApp users are free by using this app with wider user base which is advantageous with a wider user base.

 2.  Viber

Viber has huge user base and this app also offers huge user base, as it offers free text messaging as well as free voice calls to the other Viber users.

It also supports free text messaging as well as free voice calls to the other Viber users and it also supports the group text messaging.

This feature is available on Android phones, iPhone, BlackBerry, etc.

 3.  Skype

Skype is one of the popular and original apps for making calls and texting with a massive user base. With Skype, the Skype users are engaged in file sharing and group messaging.

It offers several options with added features for its users. It offers voice calling, video calling as well as file-sharing or group messaging. It is an excellent tool for collaboration.

It provides numerous plans and high-quality calls. Both Skype and WhatsApp users are best and free for users.

Both Viber and Skype are user-friendly and easy to install, however they work differently.

 4.  Discord

It is a free app which is optimized for the computer gamers besides desktop apps and smartphone. It offers free text and voice communication with groups or individuals who is also Discord users.

It offers voice communication and doesn’t consume many resources.

 5.  Slack

Slack is an easy file sharing widely used in businesses that are available for most platforms. It runs on mobile and desktop with many IT services to provide real-time notifications.

 6.  Signal

Another most useful app and this service are intended to be used by using various methods such as voice, video, file sharing, and text.

 7.  Kik Messenger

This is an amazingly robust and fast app that is developed by an enthusiastic team and it transforms regular texting into real-time conversation. It works on different platforms and supports nearly all the platforms.

It offers various options such as doodles, stickers, gifts, emotions and icons, and memes.

 8.  Facebook Messenger

It allows video and voice calling. Both website and mobile Messenger app are very useful to use. People use Facebook worldwide and the Facebook messenger app supports group conversations, rich content, stickers, etc.

This app streamlines the communication of users with their friends.

Thus, we can say that how these various types of apps are amazing and beneficial for users in different ways and are fastest mode of communications with many advanced features.