6 Best Android Apps to Make International Calls

Irrespective of where you are located in the world, there are several apps out there today that will allow you to make free calls. To help you keep in touch with your family and loved ones, these Android apps would prove to be your best companion.

These are the Free Calling apps for Androids and there is no cost involved or any additional charges while you are traveling at a distance far off from your family.

Today we are going to share with you 6 such apps that are tested and can work as alternative Android Apps for making both national and international calls for free.

These apps are compatible with the WiFi/3G/4G network for making international calls from Android even if you are out of the WiFi range.

 Google Hangout 

You can now turn on the dialer service and start calling with the use of an app Google Hangout Dialer from Google Play as Google Hangout now integrates with Google Voice Number.

For making free international calls anywhere in the world of their phone this would be one of the best free online international calling apps from Google crafted especially for Android users.

You can access every calling feature directly from the Hangout or use the Dialer of Hangout for a shortcut to the dialer screen in Hangouts after the installation is done. With the help of this app, you can now call to US, Canada, and other hangout users for free.


One of the best messaging apps that would support the text as well as both the audio and video texting that is there between the mobile platforms, WhatsApp is one of the best messaging apps you can ever come across.

Every mobile platform like that of the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Black better, and others support this app.

This is an international free calling app that is packed with some cool features for mobile users like the message delivery status information, option for controlling the usage of data, and several others in addition to the ease of user interface.

Along with the help of free texting, this app mainly uses free audio and video calling too.

 Facebook Messenger 

Facebook Messenger helps you text for free. You can text people in your phone book and enter a phone number for the addition of new contact with the help of this app here.

In countries that are there, Messenger allows you to make free calls and you can well speak as long as you can want with people located globally. Over the Wi-Fi the calls are completely free else there are standard data charges that apply here.

For smartphone users, Messenger is quite popular and this would be making free international and calling over the Wifi more easily accessible.


Viber now allows everyone to connect at a cheaper rate and can work globally. You will be able to send photos as well as share locations with your loved ones irrespective of wherever they are located with no subscription fee involved here or any kind of purchases with Viber here.

 You can call and text the other users for as long as you want to. 

All you need is your friends over at Viber too and a 3G or Wi-Fi internet connection. To instantly show who you already have Viber App installed it syncs well with your mobile phone number along with the list of contacts.

Viber is always running in the background and does not drain your battery off so, you will always be receiving the notifications accordingly. Viber, in general, can give you the cheaper rates for international calling that is compared to that of the standard rates being the newbie in the market of international calling and free online calling as well as free texting.

 Tango Video Calls 

When you are looking forward to making free video calls, phone calls or send free video messages to the members of Tango. You will also be coming across the best feature of Group Video Messaging that would allow you to record or share the personal videos with anyone who is there on your contact list.

You will also be able to send and receive free video messages even, the Group video messaging will allow you to share with several people all at once while you send video messages to your friends as well as forward them to others.


With the Skype app, you can enjoy free audio and video calls, along with instant messaging services on your android mobile phone. Before making any call or sending messages, make sure that your contact is online. Otherwise, the receiver will not be able to get the voice call, video call, or message.

This application is available on the play store, and it is free to download. You can run this app with 3G or Wi-Fi. Skype lets you share your special memories and admirable moments over free video calls.

Make sure that your smartphone has rear and front-facing cameras. This app lets you connect with your friends, whether they are on Android, iPhone, or iPad, compatible mobiles, etc.