3 Easy Ways to Connect Xbox Controller to PC 2019?

Connect Xbox Controller to PC

Today PC games are ruling over the mind of teenagers and among all Xbox is leading the chart. Xbox is one of the best video gaming consoles, which has introduced different games to give a real experience of gaming.

The demand and popularity have made Microsoft has introduced many Xbox series as people are always willing to have something new and more interesting.

Today many people owe Xbox but they find it quite difficult to connect Xbox Controller to PC.

It is a time-consuming task if you are unable to get the real technique to connect the controller with the PC.

 So, here are 3 easiest ways which can help to connect Xbox Controller to PC 

 Xbox controller connects to PC using Wireless Adapter 

Gamers are always looking out for something new and advance. So, Windows 10 has introduced Xbox Wireless Adapters which makes the connection process quite simple and easy.

Once the device gets connected with PC all drivers would be installed to start playing the game.

 Following steps can help to make the connection through the wireless adapter: 

 Step 1]

Connect the wireless adapter to your PC so that all required drivers get installed and further connection could be possible.

 Step 2] 

Start your Xbox controller by pressing the logo button. Also, press the button of your adapter to make it ready for connection.

 Step 3] 

Once the controller is “ON” just press the connect button on the controller which is located near the USB port.

 Step 4] 

This whole process will lead the Xbox logo to blink on the controller, which shows that the connection process is going on.

Once the LED on adapter and logo on the controller becomes solid, you are ready to start your game as the connection is successfully established.

So, if you have Windows 10 and wireless adapter it becomes more convenient to connect the Xbox controller to the PC.

 Connect Xbox controller to PC via USB cable 

If you are comfortable with wires, then connect the Xbox controller to PC using a USB cable. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to connect the controller to the PC.

A USB cable is one of the best options to connect controller of Xbox One, Xbox One S and even Elite controllers.

Every controller has a USB connector, which gives the option to connect with PC as windows can easily detect such connection and thus you can start playing your game through such connection method.

 Follow below-mentioned steps to make a connection: 

 Step 1] 

First, switch on your computer and connect with one end of USB cable.

 Step 2] 

Take the other end of Micro USB and connects to the Xbox Controller.

 Step 3] 

Turn on the Xbox controller by clicking the logo, which is on the top. Make sure before connecting it to PC that controller is perfectly charged.

Windows 10 computer can automatically detect the controller and thus you can start your games. While in Windows 8 or 8.1, drivers will be downloaded and with a few minutes, you will find controller gets detected in PC.

 Bluetooth to connect the controller to PC 

People who are having newer Xbox Controller can find it easy to connect with PC through Bluetooth. Controllers that come with old Xbox are not having the option to make the connection through Bluetooth.

It is equally important to have windows 10 installed on your PC to make a connection through Bluetooth.

So just follow steps and within a few minutes, you would find you Xbox controller connected with PC.

 Step 1] 

Hold the Xbox logo on the controller so that it is turned ON.

 Step 2] 

Next turn on Bluetooth on your PC. To make it possible just go through Settings=> Device=> Bluetooth in PC.

 Step 3] 

Xbox Controller has the connect button near the USB port. So, press and hold this button for 3 seconds.

 Step 4] 

This would help your PC to detect Xbox controller and will ask you whether you wish to connect with it.

So, just select a pair and it will make the connection successful.

 Step 5] 

In some condition, it won’t be possible for PC to detect the controller and so click on “+” sign which says Add Bluetooth or other devices.

It will open a new window, which will come with other devices that have enabled Bluetooth.

 Step 6]  

Thus select Xbox controller from the list and thus make your connection successful.

These are some of the easiest ways by which it is possible to connect the Xbox controller to PC and thus make your gaming experience enjoyable.

Once you have connected your controller with PC, you have to re-pair with Xbox next time. So, just make sure all connections are perfect to start playing the game on PC.